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Vertical Gardening is a concept of making use of a garden spot by use of stakes and netting to grow plant off the ground.

Dalen Gardener 5-Foot x 30-Foot Trellis Netting TP-30C

  Apartment and condo owners can have indoor vertical gardens with wall planters and trellis planters.

Living Wall Planter, Vertical Garden, Indoor/Outdoor Woolly Pocket (works indoors and outdoors) (Color: White) Living Wall Planter Vertical Garden (Modular, Sustainable, Recycleable) Hanging Wall Planter



Stackable planters can also be used to make your own vertical garden on your patio or balcony. These stackable planters allow you to even have a small vertical garden in the winter to grow your Ayurvedic Herbs

 Mr Stacky 5 Tiered Hanging and Stacking Indoor Outdoor Vertical Strawberry Planter - Learn How to Grow Organic Strawberries Easy with These Cool Stone Plastic Containers - Great Garden Planting Pots - Planters Also Used for Herbs Peppers Flowers Tomatoes Succulents Green Beans - Free Growing Gardening Plant Tips


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